Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We Have Been Very Busy

Sorry to those people regularly checking this page about the lack of updates but we have been rather busy. The Argentina project is now solid as we were waiting for the legal framework to be sorted for the plots. We can now therefore go ahead with the new contracts for those of you that have been waiting for confirmation of the conditions. The segregation of the land has now been approved and the marking out of the plots has started. The ring road is now approved and this means we lose 6 plots but we had this in mind from the start and it does not affect any of the plots we have previously sold.

Prices in the area for similar plots are now around the 16-17000 Euros mark but we are maintaining our price of 12-13500 Euros as we believe it to be a fair price for the land and it gives you the opportunity to make a killing on the valuation of the land, without taking into consideration the building you may or may not put on it, sooner.

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