Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Downtime Again

If the main website, disappears for a time today just keep checking back. It is being moved from one server to another and will take time to do. Also if you cannot get in touch remember that the numbers are +34 961662892 or to get in touch


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Latest Argentina News

I have taken this extract from a larger article posted on Property Wire. It can be found in its entirety here. However the bit that interests me is that about Argentina of course. Have a read and see what you think.

Argentina is a strong contender to catch up. 'Argentina is simply the best place in the world right now. Buenos Aires is one of the world's greatest and most liveable cities,' said Doug Casey, founder of US based Casey Research, an independent investment research organisation.

Why you might ask? 'The country is running a massive balance of trade surplus. The government is running a big fiscal surplus. Rich Europeans are piling in since Argentina is ethnically and culturally the most European country in the world,' he added.

He has personally invested in the country and is now in the process of developing 1,200 acres in Cafayate in Patagonia which he describes as the new Aspen. A world class golf course, spa, health club, vineyard and equestrian facilities are included in the plan.

Certainly the figures point to Argentina having great potential. Property prices have risen 50% since 2002. The government backed tourism industry has grown 10% year on year since 2003. Property prices are around a tenth of the European equivalent.

Argentina has beaches, ski centres, mountains to climb, the pampas to ride across, it's just that not everyone knows it yet. The number of tourists is predicted to increase to around 10 million by 2010.

Although there are a large number of hotels being built and Buenos Aires has turned into a building site, there is a growing demand for rental properties giving investors the opportunity to enjoy solid and sustained growth, according to Obelisk.

Buy to let property owners can expect rental income worth up to 6% of the original purchase price per year in the more popular neighbourhoods of Buenos Aiores, its Argentina Report states.

A new wave of boutique properties, re-built historic lodges and chalets are particularly popular according to Maria Reynolds of Reynolds Propiedades.

'The government of Argentina recognizes that foreign investment plays an important role in the continuing development of the economy and maintains a favourable investment policy through a number of incentives,' said a spokesman for Sothebys Realty Buenos Aires office.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Where can you get a great investment property for the price of a mid sized family car in the UK that will get you up to 30% return on investment each year rather than depreciating as soon as you drive it off the forecourt? (Just to say that it will not take you to Sainsburys though.) The good old US of A of course. Let's look at it from this point of view.

There is a huge credit crunch in the uSA meaning that the poor Americans who voted George W Bush in cannot get access to funds to buy a house. At the same time with fuel prices rising and household expenditure rising fast as a result house prices are falling quickly. However what if you could find a place that had dropped to what really should be the floor price and had only one way to go, up, although that may take a couple of years. Meanwhile you can rent it out to what is a huge pool of potential tenants, all of those who cannot get a mortgage. Well this opposite of the perfect storm for investors has just come up.

Get in touch with us on and see how you can benefit from these investments right now. However if you see one you like you must be quick. The best deals go after a couple of days and you must be cash rich as they are not properties that you have time to mortgage. After a year you can finance them and still get good returns but now you need good hard cash to complete quickly.

Get yourself one now and forget the new car for a bit.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Argentina News

As we will be putting up a new opportunity near to Buenos Aires very soon on this site I thought I would put some news about what is happening in Argentina at the moment.

Argentina received 17.4% more tourists in half year
The number of foreign tourists arriving in Argentina during the first half of 2007 increased 17.4% reaching 1.037.226, reported the Argentine Tourism Secretariat.
The information is based on the number of foreign tourists which arrived to Argentina through Ezeiza, the country’s main international airport, next to Buenos Aires City.

Last June arrivals reached 157.841, up 24.1% over the same month a year ago.

The greatest number of foreign tourists came from Brazil, 45.432; United States, 21.284; Chile, 17.674; Peru, 9.542 and Spain, 8.541.

Enrique Meyer Tourism Secretary described the figures as “highly positive and reflect growth in all fields linked to the tourism sector: more arrivals, higher hotel occupancy and increased income for the country”.

Since the meltdown of its economy in 2001/02 and its following policy of a strong US dollar to promote the country’s exports, Argentina has become a major tourism attraction in South America with the number of visitors increasing year after year at double digit rate.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Closed for Holidays

We are closed from today until the 26th of this month for holidays. If you urgently need to get in touch, make an offer on a place, want more information on our international property portfolio then feel free to get in touch on There may be a delay in replying but anything urgent will be answered asap. Leave email address and phone number to contact.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


We have entered into an agreement with a Bulgarian company to supply extremely competitively priced properties ranging from Black Sea apartments in Varna to skiing chalets to city apartments and country properties around the capital Sofia. We believe that the company we are working with have the highest standards and they have a wealth of experience of property sales in Bulgaria having started as a legal service for foreign buyers. I have attached a quick photo to this mail so you can have a browse but I encourgae you to get in touch and ask for what you require because we can probably supply it. I suggest getting in there quickly so that you can make the greatest capital appreciation possible over the years as prices will inevitably rise as European Union membership takes effect over the next few years.

Our partner can guide you through all of the paperwork, setting up a company for purchase and selling your property on at a later date including all of the legal issues that you may come up against in Bulgaria. As usual we only deal with the best and hope that for those of you who may not have the money to purchase in Spain that Bulgaria represents an exciting opportunity for you to become a foreign property owner.

The picture of the white villa is in central Bulgaria on the edge of a spa town and 190km from Sofia. This mansion will set you back 79800 Euros.

We have off plan flats in the ski resorts South of Sofia yet just 30 mins drive from the Mediteranean Sea for just 45500 Euros and we have country houses that start at just 9000 Euros, they may need a bit of work!

Get in touch with more info about your requirements and we can start finding you your perfect place. Remember we now have so many contacts worldwide that if you are looking for places in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, the States or most areas in Europe, we can supply you with the best companies and the best developments that will serve your needs.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

More Argentina News

Another week and another good article about the growing importance and cachet of Buenos Aires. Norman Foster has now designed the Aleph, a new apartment block with prices to match those of Europe. You can however pick up more bargains in Buenos Aires still.
Have a look at the article here.

Argentina is currently on holiday, it is the middle of summer there, so don't expect too much news on our investments until the start of next month when the new contracts should be done.