Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sunday Times

The Sunday Times last week picked up on what a great buy land and property are in Argentina. It was because of this that last year I went to Argentina to look at some land on the Atlantic Coast and we bought it for resale with the possibilitiy of building beach properties on it right next to the best beaches in the country, with warm waters and whale watching in the winter.
The article can be viewed at,,14052-2541112,00.html

I would disagree on a couple of the points made, especially that about Argentinians going abroad for beach holidays. They used to and the really rich ones still do. However, the beach resort par excellence in Argenitina is Las Grutas in Rio Negro and that is where we have our land for sale. Plots are available from 12,000 Euros and you can build a 100m2 house for under 45,000 Euros allowing a good rental investment in the summer months and a decent amount in the winter when the whale watchers come in.

For more information, a full pack is available from Institutional investors can pick up blocks of plots from us for development at discounted prices too.

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