Sunday, April 22, 2007


We have entered into an agreement with a Bulgarian company to supply extremely competitively priced properties ranging from Black Sea apartments in Varna to skiing chalets to city apartments and country properties around the capital Sofia. We believe that the company we are working with have the highest standards and they have a wealth of experience of property sales in Bulgaria having started as a legal service for foreign buyers. I have attached a quick photo to this mail so you can have a browse but I encourgae you to get in touch and ask for what you require because we can probably supply it. I suggest getting in there quickly so that you can make the greatest capital appreciation possible over the years as prices will inevitably rise as European Union membership takes effect over the next few years.

Our partner can guide you through all of the paperwork, setting up a company for purchase and selling your property on at a later date including all of the legal issues that you may come up against in Bulgaria. As usual we only deal with the best and hope that for those of you who may not have the money to purchase in Spain that Bulgaria represents an exciting opportunity for you to become a foreign property owner.

The picture of the white villa is in central Bulgaria on the edge of a spa town and 190km from Sofia. This mansion will set you back 79800 Euros.

We have off plan flats in the ski resorts South of Sofia yet just 30 mins drive from the Mediteranean Sea for just 45500 Euros and we have country houses that start at just 9000 Euros, they may need a bit of work!

Get in touch with more info about your requirements and we can start finding you your perfect place. Remember we now have so many contacts worldwide that if you are looking for places in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, the States or most areas in Europe, we can supply you with the best companies and the best developments that will serve your needs.