Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Argentina News

As we will be putting up a new opportunity near to Buenos Aires very soon on this site I thought I would put some news about what is happening in Argentina at the moment.

Argentina received 17.4% more tourists in half year
The number of foreign tourists arriving in Argentina during the first half of 2007 increased 17.4% reaching 1.037.226, reported the Argentine Tourism Secretariat.
The information is based on the number of foreign tourists which arrived to Argentina through Ezeiza, the country’s main international airport, next to Buenos Aires City.

Last June arrivals reached 157.841, up 24.1% over the same month a year ago.

The greatest number of foreign tourists came from Brazil, 45.432; United States, 21.284; Chile, 17.674; Peru, 9.542 and Spain, 8.541.

Enrique Meyer Tourism Secretary described the figures as “highly positive and reflect growth in all fields linked to the tourism sector: more arrivals, higher hotel occupancy and increased income for the country”.

Since the meltdown of its economy in 2001/02 and its following policy of a strong US dollar to promote the country’s exports, Argentina has become a major tourism attraction in South America with the number of visitors increasing year after year at double digit rate.